Paramount's Circle of Eight started as a 10-part webseries directed by Stephen Cragg, a man who has worked almost exclusively as a director-for-hire in the TV world. I think that information is sufficient enough for most to make a decision as to whether or not it is worth their time, but seeing as that would make for a superficial review, I'll give it more attention than most ever will in the hope that most will never have to.

I don't want to make it sound like I have it in for all content that begins its life on the web. Far from it, actually. There are a lot of smart, creative people out there who turn to the Internet as a means for distribution and in doing so embrace the pros and cons of the medium. Circle of Eight, on the other hand, was produced in large part by a major motion picture studio's relatively unproductive Digital Entertainment division (last thing they did was 2005's Jackass 2.5). This tells me one thing: it wasn't good enough to turn into a movie.

Whether it was indeed ever intended to be a movie and Paramount just shuffled it to the Digital Entertainment division or whether the latter developed it from the ground up with this intention, I do not know. Doesn't really matter where it was supposed to start its life, however, as Circle of Eight was stillborn.
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