Tron Legacy is not coming out for a whole ten months, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about. Take these two photos released by Disney; Jeff Bridges, hot off his academy award nomination for Crazy Heart, is looking rather serious with some sort of glowing halo on his back. Below are Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund in what appears to be a potentially romantic scene.

These are the only two pictures in the Disney press kit, so it's barely a taste, and they hardly qualify as teasers. I'm hoping we get a whole lot more in the near future. I'm interested to see how Hedlund fares in his role, as he's not had much of a chance to show his strengths as an actor, with Troy and Eragon, although I liked him in Friday Night Lights and Four Brothers. Wilde is a better known entity, with plenty of TV work (House, The Black Donnelly's, The O.C.). Now we have the lesser knowns pictured, how about some Michael Sheen, hmmm? Or James Frain, or even Bruce Boxleitner, who was in the original Tron with Bridges? Please?

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