Back in June, director Clive Barker announced through his Twitter account that lost footage from his original cut of the film Nightbreed had finally turned up, after being assumed missing for more than a decade, "I thought there was 25 minutes missing. I was wrong. Phil and Sarah Stokes called. They possess a video copy of my work print, 44 minutes longer than the theatrical release." You can read his full reaction to finding his long-lost footage here.

The 1990 film has gained a reputation as one of cinema's most notorious Director's Cuts. Nightbreed was intended as a large-scale horror-fantasy, with a much heavier emphasis on the fantasy, but suits at Universal wanted something more akin to Barker's popular Hellraiser franchise. Barker's more fantastical cut was somewhere in the three-hour neighborhood, but it was trimmed down to 102 minutes for theatrical release. You can feel it in the film, for sure. While chock full of unusual ideas and mind-blowing creature design, Nightbreed suffers from choppy pacing and plot points that don't seem to make any sense.
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