When people throw out the "write it yourself" argument, I always shudder on the inside, thinking of the writerly pains associated with Hollywood. Stories get ravaged, nipple-ized, Ratnerized, sequelized, and every bad "ized" you can think of. Not even Watchmen is sacred.

CHUD reports that according to comic industry gossip Rich Johnston, Paul Levitz is stepping down from his post as DC Comics Publisher and President, and Executive Editor Dan Didio, "already hated by fanboys across the globe, has apparently made it his personal mission to ride off the continued sales success of Watchmen with prequels, spin-offs, and possibly sequels." Spoiler alert...

So, I guess Rorschach will just pick up his splattered brains and go back to the world of vigilante justice? Manhattan will just fart around with no one to have blue orgies with (unless he makes a stop at Smurf Land)? Laurie and Dan spawn and start a little soccer team of a crime-fighting family? A romantic, historical drama on the big heart hidden beneath the Comedian's muscles? I shudder to think of the possibilities...

Devin Faraci writes: "You can't be too surprised. What you can do is promise to not buy this," and he's dead on. At some point we have to take some responsibility and stop buying into the crap shoveled to us. We can't expect these things to stop if we hand over our money in curiosity and buy into this schlock. Alan Moore refused to even watch the movie. I wonder how he'll react if Watchmen spin-offs and sequels become a reality.

Doomsday, the return!

Update:Deadline Hollywood says there's "not a chance" of a film sequel, but with the comics, "anything is possible." So really, that means anything is possible for the big screen too, just not right now.
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