One of the latest releases on DVD is 'Amelia', the story of legendary pilot Amelia Earhart, a pioneer for women everywhere. I was eager to see a film about this remarkable woman who once worked as a nurse at the Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto. I expected a passionate, moving movie about a highly-charged, independent woman who carved new (flight) paths and didn't let anything, including the foreseeable risk of death, get in her way.

Unfortunately, this biopic is far too tempered. The film focuses on the time between her first flight as a passenger (where she earned the nickname "Lady Lindy" in conjunction with Charles Lindbergh) on a cross-Atlantic flight in 1928 up until her mysterious death in 1937 when she was flying over the Pacific Ocean (along with expert navigator Fred Noonan) and her plane disappeared (and, has since never been found).
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