The folks in Dodge City don't let things slack. A Gunsmoke reboot kicked off just last August, and now the star wagons are circling. According to the LA Times, a number of actors are interested in playing the lead role Marshal Matt Dillon (originally played by James Arness on the TV series), but a few big names already lead the pack.

Ryan Reynolds is said to be interested in the role as he continues to make a name for himself as an action star, moving from romances and comedies to the world of Deadpool and the Green Lantern. But there's also the allure of a man who's already seen the grit of the Old West. Brad Pitt is CBS Films' top man, being one of the few stars to actually have a Western under their belt -- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Between star power and experience, it's no surprise that the role could easily be his. However, the studio hasn't nabbed a director yet, which could affect casting.

The new Gunsmoke is being positioned as a new action tentpole eager to cash in on name recognition, so expect a star-filled ensemble. But personally, I hope there's a little room for Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pearce, and Danny Huston in the mix. If it wasn't for these recent gunslingers, I'm not sure that the Western world would be making such a comeback.

But what about you? Who do you want to see cast in the big-screen Gunsmoke?
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