With each passing year I grow to hate finalés and endings more and more. It used to be that an ending was an actual conclusion -- stories would wrap up for better or for worse, and we'd have a sense of closure. The End. But as the sequel train picks up more and more steam, few films get to keep their endings.

We all know that the "happily ever after" idea isn't real. It's a nice little delusion to make us forget about life's many ups and downs. If life were perfect, we'd be living in a Disney fairytale. But wait -- even those aren't free of repeats. As Elisabeth pointed out with the Enchanted sequel, "I see no reason for a sequel. The point of Enchanted (and any fairy tale, modern or medieval) is that it ends happily ever That's it! They've overcome their drawbridges and dragons, and now they get to chill out."

"Ever after" seems to only mean "until the sequel." And at this point, do any of you actually feel satisfied at the end of the movie, or do you wonder how long the happiness will last before the sequel sets in?
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