Amanda Seyfried is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's hottest young stars. When we talked to her on the set of Dear John, she was fresh off Mamma Mia!, gaining rave reviews from Big Love, and on her way to bigger and bigger roles. In person she's absolutely charming, incredibly pretty, and very sweet. We had to catch her between takes and as she was getting make-up reapplied. Despite how late and cold it was, she managed to laugh and be perky the entire time we talked, which is not something that comes across on transcription.

As with the other interviews, Cinematical participated with UGO and Coming Soon, but for easy reading we'll label all the questions as being from Cinematical.

Cinematical: So, are you happy with the restaurant scene and the way it is going?

Amanda Seyfried: Yeah, I'm pretty happy. I'm so comfortable with Channing. It comes pretty naturally, so when you feel like you are not really working hard, you can sometimes maybe feel a little self-conscious. And then, it's like why isn't this hard? Am I getting it? Am I getting in the act of it? But it's fun and I'm eating really good shrimp.

Cinematical: Are you getting sick and tired of eating shrimp over and over again?

Seyfried: No, moderation is really necessary to perform that role!

Cinematical: How has your life been since your exposure from Mamma Mia!?

It's been pretty ridiculous. I definitely don't think I would be doing this movie had I not had the success with Mamma Mia! For a lot of reasons people are chosen for a cast in a movie. A lot of it has to do with marketability and what you're talent is and how you connect with a character. That definitely has a lot of impact.