The original Cop Out trailer hasn't inspired much hope in viewers and critics across our great digital nation, and the deluge of television spots only make it seem less appealing. Cop Outjust doesn't look like a Kevin Smith film at all. However, everyone is still holding out some hope (I mean, he really did get Harold Faltermeyer to do the score!), and good test reviews have popped up on Ain't It Cool News. For what it's worth, the test screeners said the trailers were misleading crap.

Perhaps Warner Bros has realized this, because they've released a Red Band trailer to MySpace. Now this looks more like a Smith film (though his name is still notably missing), and more like the raunchy buddy cop comedy we were expecting. It's definitely funnier, and you can mentally re-edit the trailer you've seen with the R-rated lines you get here. My concern now is that between the two trailers, we've seen anything and everything that's remotely chuckle worthy. On the other hand, neither trailer gives a hint of the plot, so maybe there's something more to Cop Out. Whether it's good or not? Well, that's the kicker.

The new, naughtier Cop Out trailer is embedded below. It goes without saying that since it's Red Band (no peeking, young readers), it's NSFW. It's Friday though, so maybe you can get away with it.