If there's one man not lacking for work in this economy, it's Danny McBride, but we're cool with that. He's signed on to yet another movie, but according to Variety this one is more special than most because it's the debut production of Rough House Productions, the shingle McBride heads up with Jody Hill and David Gordon Green.

The film is an action comedy titled L.A.P.I., and the plot is being kept under tight wraps. All that's known is that McBride will be playing "a beaten down, hard boiled P.I." Hill will be directing, and the script is being penned by Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan. If you follow the screenwriters' Black List, you'll recognize their name immediately. They're fast up-and-comers, and hitching themselves with Rough House Productions can only help their upward climb.

The talent accumulated on this is enough to make any comedy fan excited. Because I'm a dork, I always associate private investigators with the 1940s, so my mind has put McBride in a fedora. I doubt that's the case, but I can certainly wish for it to be a 1940s action comedy. Something tells me it'll be more in the vein of Tropic Thunder and Hill's Observe and Report -- a modern day P.I. who has a bit of a dark, scary edge to him. It's something to look forward to, anyway, and I'm anxious to see who they recruit for McBride to bounce off of.
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