The Kathryn Bigelow v. James Cameron showdown chatter isn't going to stop any time soon, especially with this latest goody found on the dusty shelves of history. Back in 1988, Bill Paxton had a truly terrible little band called Martini Ranch, and Cameron shot a long music video for them featuring his future wife, one Ms. Bigelow.

The video follows Paxton as he rides into a dusty town, slowly taking in the sights -- coffins being hammered, a man in the stockade. It's all serious and somber until he spies one beefcake lady melting iron and hammering on an anvil, some ladies of ill repute, and a lounging Adrian Pasdar (of Heroes and Near Dark fame), as he drives up to the local bar. Then all musical hell breaks loose; the beats start, and Bigelow and her crew arrive on the scene.

She's just about the most beautiful and clothed guntoter out there. (Wearing twice as much clothes as the rest of her posse, I can just imagine the conversations that circled around her wardrobe.) She puts a cd in the player, and ... well, you just have to see the terribleness for yourself -- which includes a cameo by Judge Reinhold, a dude buried up to his neck in sand as he tries to drink a martini, and Bill getting his bum branded by Bigelow.

Gotta love the '80s.