Hey, kids and Avatar: The Last Airbender fans! If you want to see the tv spot for The Last Airbender, but you don't want to sit through the Superbowl due to a dislike of the teams, football, or the obnoxious people in your household, you're in luck! UGO has been lucky enough to obtain the top secret, ultra-exclusive television spot. They were kind enough to let us embed it here so that you can watch it again and again.

You'll definitely have to do that, because it's over in a flash. (Ponder how much they spend to air this during Superbowl Sunday, then giggle at getting to see it for free.) Those of you familiar with the Nickelodeon series will be able to spot lots of references to the show. According to UGO (I'm quoting them because I only have a Wikipedia based knowledge of this series), you get scenes of "achieving Avatar State, waterbending, earthbending and firebending, and of the Fire Nation Navy in battle. Sharp eyes might even catch a glimpse of Gran Gran!" One of their really eagle-eyed readers says that Appa the Sky Bison is in there, too, but I must need my eyes checked because I don't see anything that looks like a bison in that scene.

To a newbie, it looks like quite the fantasy film, and I'm reminded for the millionth time that I should watch the series one of these days. I've got until July 2, 2010 so maybe I will. In the meantime, what do you fans think of this first real teaser? Did M. Night Shyamalan get it right?

Additionally, we've also added the Robin Hood Superbowl spot after the jump. Which summer film looks more appetizing to you?