Back around Halloween, Bloody-Disgusting posted a lengthy interview with screenwriter Peter Briggs. The focus of the piece was on his very cool sounding period monster flick Mortis Rex, but buried deep in the article was an interesting tidbit on another project: a World War II horror film entitled Panzer 88.

News emerged yesterday (again, from the guys over at B-D) that the project is moving along the production track and that Briggs will be handling the directorial duties with Gary Kurtz producing.

The basic story outline breaks down as follows: "Panzer is another supernatural thriller: basically a character piece set in a German King Tiger tank in Russia in World War 2. It's five guys in a tin can, and something's trying to stop them making it home. It's creepy, and smart."

I love me some World War II horror, so Panzer 88 definitely intrigues me. I am curious about how they're going to pull off making the German characters sympathetic protagonists. It can be done--Das Boot is a good example--but it always makes me feel weird to root for the Germans...

Don't expect to be sitting down to watch Panzer 88 in the immediate future. Briggs is working on Mortis Rex, which is currently in pre-production, and it seems very unlikely that this film will move forward before that one is completed.
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