"Damn the Gods"? Nah, more like "Damn the Suits" who opted to give Clash of the Titans a 3-D upgrade in the wake of Avatar's popularity, unaware or unfazed by the fact that A) that film was actually shot for 3-D, not just given layers in post-production, and B) that film didn't succeed massively because of star Sam Worthington (no offense, fella).

So Warner Bros. has bought themselves a week, moving Clash back from March 26th to April 2nd in order to capitalize on Easter weekend and give How to Train Your Dragon a whopping week before squeezing in on its 3-D screens. This move has left other studios to scramble to avoid competition (or fill the gap left behind), and so far as B.O.M. is concerned, here's how things have settled at the moment:

  • Fox's family-friendly Diary of a Wimpy Kid has moved to March 19th from 4/2
  • Universal's sci-fi actioner, Repo Men, has moved to March 19th from 4/2
  • MGM's raunchy romp, Hot Tub Time Machine, has moved to March 26th from 3/19
  • Disney's Nicholas Sparks/Miley Cyrus vehicle, The Last Song, opens on March 31 instead of 4/2
  • Summit's kiddie comedy, Furry Vengeance, has moved to April 30th from 4/2
In an unrelated move, Screen Gems' Takers (which was supposed to open this month once upon a time) has moved to August 20th, instead of going right up against Universal's Robin Hood in mid-May. They may be thieves, but they ain't about to steal money from Russell Crowe, believe me you.
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