There are plenty of movies I don't get a chance to see, due to the fact that I actually require sustenance and sleep. Sometimes I just don't have the time; sometimes I think the movie looks like it will be a waste of my time. But either way, there are always Oscar-nominated movies that I haven't managed to catch yet. And, of course, now is the time when I will scramble to see them all, or at least the major contenders. In fact, AMC Theaters offers a "Best Picture Showcase" for us slackers -- get the details here.

So which are on my list? Well, you can probably guess from some of my previous posts that I've been admittedly quite judgmental and have avoided The Blind Side so far. And by happenstance, I've also managed to miss Up, A Serious Man, Crazy Heart, The Last Station, The Princess and the Frog, and, well, The Secret of Kells doesn't count because I don't even think it screened in New York. I also haven't seen any of the nominated documentaries or foreign language pictures. I'm really not sure I'll be able to see all of them in time without the aid of nauseating, taurine-tainted beverages and/or meth.

What about you? Are you obsessive when it comes to watching every Oscar-nominated movie before the show? Do you and your coworkers or friends bet on the winners ahead of time or print out ballots the night of the show? Do you go back and watch them later to see what the big deal was? Which ones are still left on your list to check off?