Poor McG. At this time last year, he was the king of the world! Terminator: Salvation was rumored to be the coolest movie of the summer, and he was raking in franchise deals like there was no tomorrow. But there was, and it's now, but he may finally be stepping behind the camera again for a genre miles away from Judgment Day -- a romantic comedy. According to Variety, McG is in talks to direct This Means War, a romantic spy comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper.

This Means War has been through the rewrite mill for a couple of years, and its latest incarnation (penned by Timothy Dowling) is a delightful romp where two spies are lifelong friends until they fall for the same woman. Presumably they then try to kill each other using nasty, slick covert methods like cyanide capsules and thin wires you can hide in a sleeve. The girl's preferences, of course, will not factor into their bitter rivalry. It never does! (I wouldn't be surprised if Gerard Butler is the third corner of the triangle, since the tabloids claim to have spotted him lunching with Witherspoon. Those are the kind of rumblings that preceded The Bounty Hunter.)

Fox is desperate to get the film off the ground, and wants to begin shooting by late spring. If McG is as eager to return to the director's chair, expect the wheels to start turning immediately.
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