We can now officially call Taylor Lautner A Boy Toy. In addition to becoming the action figure-turned-cartoonMax Steel, Heat Vision reports that Lautner has nabbed the lead in another toy driven franchise: Stretch Armstrong.

Stretch Armstrong will be based on the Hasbro toy that was born in the 1970s and relaunched in the 1980s. Unlike Max Steel, Stretch never even got a cartoon or comic book to call his own. He was just stretchy. Naturally, this won't do for a live action adaptation, so Universal and screenwriter Steve Oedekerk have given him a goofy origin story. Stretch is now an "uptight spy who stumbles on a stretching formula." For whatever reason, he drinks it, and develops a power that rivals Mister Fantastic's. He decides the power to stretch must be used for good, and becomes a crimefighter. To make it even more appealing, Universal plans to make the film in 3D. This will undoubtedly be every member of Team Jacob's dream come true, though I find the idea of 3D extended extremities absolutely terrifying.

There's no doubt about it.. Hollywood has declared Lautner the new action star. I don't think Sam Worthington is going to take kindly to the news that he's already in danger of losing his crown. Can we get a movie where the two of them face off in single combat? In 3D? I think that's the only way to figure out who's the bigger man.
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