When Friday night activities were waylaid by a friend's ill-timed back problem, I decided to get a little Dirty Harry in the system with the final film in the franchise, 1988's The Dead Pool. If you're familiar with it, it should come as no surprise that by about 20 minutes in, I decided that rather than watch the new A-Team movie when it comes out, I think I'll be slipping The Dead Pool into my Blu-ray player.

The last of the series, Harry Callahan is pulled into the messy world of cinema as a strange film director (Liam Neeson) seems to be at the center of a death pool-inspired killing spree. While Neeson doesn't chew on a cigar and get in on the action, all the thrills are left to Clint Eastwood, who throws "Welcome to the Jungle" on in order to film a music video that stars one Jim Carrey. Or make that James Carrey as he was known back then, just a few years before he slipped onto In Living Color, and a good handful of years before he found fame for those zany ways.

The clip after the jump isn't the best quality, but it's Carrey getting his lip-synch on to G'n'R, which is just about the most dead-on summation of the time I can think of. "Welcome to the Jungle" was released as a single in October of 1987, and by '88, it headlined every lip synching competition out there, every dance, and well, everything.

Action, nostalgia, and a good helping of ridiculousness ... you can take The A-Team, but I'm sticking with The Dead Pool.