I was not a fan of Hatchet, Adam Green's debut horror film. While being touted as a return to old-school American horror, it managed to do nothing to distinguish itself from other contemporary slasher flicks. The characters were contrived, the plot cliche and the gore unimpressive. My experience with Green's first horror film notwithstanding, I was excited for his next horror film, the "stuck on a ski lift" thriller Frozen. My interest in the film grew as many lauded the film's ability to invoke levels of tension unheard of in contemporary horror, and while I still had the dreadful Hatchet burned in the back of my head, I kept an open mind and went in expecting a solid thriller. Sadly, the hype got the best of me, and Frozen proved to be obscenely mediocre.

Frozen is ostensibly Open Water on a ski lift. Dan and Lynch are childhood buddies who spend every weekend hitting the slopes. Much to the chagrin of Lynch, Dan has been bringing along his girlfriend Parker, whose inability to snowboard and overall intrusion on their friendship has started to become more and more apparent. With lift tickets being a bit too expensive, offering the lift operator a hundred bucks for a day of skiing and snowboarding seems like the ideal situation. After spending the day watching Parker fall on her ass, our unfortunate trio attempts one more run before the mountain is closed due to inclement weather. The lift operator reluctantly lets them go up for one more run, and due to a series of unfortunate misunderstandings the ski lift gets shut down, the mountain closes, and our three protagonists are forced to fight off freezing temperatures and hungry wolves in an effort to survive.

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