I watched Starship Troopers on Blu-ray last week for the first time in probably over a decade, and I'd almost forgotten just how sly and silly that film is. It's the closest director Paul Verhoeven ever came to recapturing the lunacy of his modern classic Robocop, and he's past due for a return to sci-fi action. (You're missed, Mr. Verhoeven!)

The craftsmen at Yamato Toy USA are fans as well -- they're selling a 9" replica of the Starship Rodger Young (the ship where Carmen Ibanez, played in the film by the young, uber-kissable Denise Richards, is stationed). The solid pewter replica (which comes with a base for mounting) is available for order through the Yamato website. It's a no-frills toy, but it's unique and well-sculpted (and nine inches of pewter is quite a heavy duty model). Your very own Rodger Young will set you back $129.99. Your very own Denise Richards is not available for order.

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