Following rumors from last November, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Sam Worthington will star in The Fields (previously called The Texas Killing Fields). Ami Canaan Mann -- daughter of Michael -- will direct Don Ferrarone's script, which is based on a true story. Worthington will play a "Texas homicide detective who joins with a New York detective to investigate unsolved murders in the Texas bayous." Pre-production has begun on the project, but the Manhattan law is yet to be cast.

With this latest confirmation, it's clear that all of those Worthington rumors aren't just blank, rumor-mill hype whipped up because of Avatar. His name has been batted about for Mad Max 4, he's said to be attached to American Crime, there have been questions about playing savior of the universe Flash Gordon, and maybe even Dracula.

The man is definitely a hot commodity, and with all due respect (I swear!) I ask: why? He's got the looks and the build to play the tough guy, that's for certain. He's an okay actor too (although we should look for more than okay), but he's lacking that OMG Next Big Thing! charisma. Or the I really like this guy! charisma. Or the He's so damn cool! charisma. Even fluffy action movies (could Flash Gordon be anything but?) need that winning presence to pull you in and fuel a franchise. Imagine Han Solo and Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford's charm... Or more applicably, the old-school Mel Gibson who led Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. The classics we love are iconic because of that magnetic, irresistible pull the stars possess.
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