With The Wolfman press conference came with veritable ton of First Avenger: Captain Americanews, courtesy of Joe Johnston, and all the sites that were lucky enough to sit down with him. I don't want to steal any thunder or exclusives, but I'm rounding up all the cool and relevant items for your reading pleasure, but I urge you to visit all our friends and read their pieces in entirety as there's lots of intriguing little hints that I can't begin to list here.

If you were worried that Cap would be battling anyone other than the Red Skull, you can put your mind at ease. Johnston confirmed to Ryan Rotten at ShockTillYouDrop that Red Skull will be the main villain of First Avenger: Captain America. As fans know, the creation and success of the Nazi terror known as the Red Skull is what leads to America "turning" Steve Rogers into Captain America. You can read a little more about him on an old Geek Beat if you like.
Meanwhile, over at CHUD, Devin Faraci learned that The Invaders will be Cap's costars. The Invaders were a WW2 superhero team that boasted Cap and Bucky as members, but the Marvel movie version will be a European team that fights alongside them. The goal is to make First Avenger more of an international film instead of a purely American spectacle. It's not yet known who among the Invaders will be gracing the silver screen, but Johnston hints that they'll be six members strong. If I was a betting woman, I'd put my money on Union Jack being a lock for the team. He's English, he has a cool costume, and he'd be perfect for a spin-off.
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