One of the most frustrating things for film fans of any genre is waiting for older films to get released on DVD or Blu-ray. The fans of the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Running Man only have to wait until tomorrow.

While The Running Man is not exactly the height of substantial science fiction, it's interesting to see King's interpretation of a celebrity obsessed world in 2019 twenty-three years after the film was released. The story surrounds Arnold Schwarzenegger as a wrongly convicted man trying to survive a public education via a game show. Arnie is pictured above with game show legend Richard Dawson. You know, the original Family Feud?

It looks like it only has one annoying trailer at the beginning, unlike the usual 5 or more that every DVD and Blu-ray seem to have these days. Extras include two commentary tracks, one with director Paul Michael Glaser and producer Tim Zinneman and another with executive producer Rob Cohen, as well as two featurettes and a theatrical trailer. Sorry, no special Ahnold track.

Other sci-fi Blu-ray releases tomorrow include Halo Legends, Stargate Universe - SGU: Season 1.0, and The Time Traveler's Wife.
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