Since it's been delayed for a variety of reasons, we've been waiting to see Joe Johnston's rendition of The Wolfman for quite some time now. I'm always skeptical when someone tries to revisit the classic monsters, but I like Johnston's track record ... at least a lot more than I liked the Van Helsing director's track record. (For those who don't memorize these things, Joe Johnston also directed Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Rocketeer, October Sky, Hidalgo, Jurassic Park 3, and (ok, fine) Jumanji.)

We know that the new-fangled but old-fashioned remake will run 96 minutes and arrive bearing an R rating for "bloody horror violence and gore," but now comes word from that the "extended cut" (not "director's cut") will run almost twenty minutes longer. Johnston told BD: "I think it's 17 minutes longer – a lot of it's stuff up front, but there's also, throughout the film, we basically let the scenes play a little bit longer. There's a little bit of action stuff, but it's mostly bits of scenes that worked, but we cut them out to shorten the film. You know, to get down to our 96 minutes." (Click here for more.)

So there's just another reason to keep your fingers crossed on The Wolfman. If this new version (which stars Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, and Emily Blunt) is rock-solid, then hooray: We get 17 minutes more of it in a few months.
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