It doesn't look like they're involved with Dragon Fire in any capacity, but Cinedome's now-filming retooling of Herman Melville's classic nature of man/man vs nature novel Moby Dick sure sounds like an Asylum production. Let's run down what we know:

- It stars Danny Glover as Captain Ahab.
- Whales have been replaced by dragons.
- Vinnie Jones is in it somewhere (if he voices the great white dragon, I will lose my grip on reality).
- It's got freaking dragons in it.

Now, if that doesn't sound like an Asylum movie, may the great white dragon in the sky burn me to a crisp. Writing duties are going to a one McKay Daines, a gent I've never heard of. Director Ryan Little's career is a bit more visible, however, with his biggest accomplishment being the 2003 World War II movie Saints and Soldiers.

Handsome man Corey Sevier, who you'll recognize from a legion of TV shows, will be filling the shoes of Ahab's new harpoon-thrusting seamen Ishmael. Handsome lady Sofia Pernas will be playing his love interest, Rachel, who is also aboard the ill-fated whaling dragoning expedition.

Principal photography begins this week in Utah (I'm honestly surprised it's not filming in Bulgaria or somewhere similar, but I guess Utah is as good a backdrop for mythical beasts as any), though it looks like no firm release date can yet be found. But considering it has Danny Glover (isn't he too old for this sh-) as Captain Ahab, you can be damn sure I'll be keeping tabs on the production for just such a date.
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