After the jump you'll find Overture Films' clip from Breck Eisner's remake of The Crazies. The clip features Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell as the husband and wife who are trying to survive in the midst of a horrifying biological anomaly that has plagued their quiet town.

David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) is the town sheriff and his wife, Judy (Radha Mitchell), is a nurse, who try to come to grips with what exactly is happening in the town of Ogden Marsh. A mysterious toxin in the water supply turns those exposed to it into mindless killers. The couple finds themselves going head-to-head with the neighbors and friends they once trusted, but have turned deadly. In an attempt to keep the virus contained, the military closes off the town trapping everyone, including the uninfected, inside. David and Judy band together with a few of the uninfected to try to flee the hysteria, but it's a fight for survival in Eisner's reimagining of George A. Romero's 1973 film.

I know it's almost sacrilegious to admit you don't like something Romero did, but I have to confess that I wasn't fond of the original Crazies. I am however looking forward to seeing what Eisner has come up with and feel relieved that he won't be turning this into an outright zombie film. And that's saying a lot from someone who loves zombies. Eisner has talked about the infected maintaining their identity to a degree but becoming a heightened and absurd version of their former selves--ratcheting up the psychological horror. Sounds good to me because I grew tired of the predictable pandemic plot device in zombie films a long time ago.

The Crazies
are unleashed in theaters February 26. Hit the jump for that clip.
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