We've had some time to get used to the truly terrible idea of a 3D Stretch Armstrong flick with Taylor (Team Jacob) Lautner as the flexible hero in question. But on the upside, at least now I can hold out hope that maybe if Lautner's busy getting all bendy, he won't have time to ruin the memory of Louden Swain in a remake of the sports/teen drama Vision Quest -- which brings me to today's Scenes (Songs) We Love, and while most people focus on Madonna's Crazy for You as the musical highlight of the flick, I thought I would offer up a pretty viable alternative: Lunatic Fringe from Red Rider.

Vision Quest was based on the novel by Terry Davis and centered on a high-school wrestler (played by Matthew Modine) who decides to take on the top dog in a fight to do something meaningful with his life -- which I guess means rolling around on the floor with other guys. But, in the pursuit of his dream, he sacrifices his health and his love life with an older woman (played by Linda Fiorentino).

The song was written by the Tom Cochrane (and I'm sure my fellow Canadians know that name), and was originally released in 1981 before making its way onto the soundtrack, and even though the song is actually about the rise of anti-Semitism in the 1970's, when I hear this tune I just think of Matthew Modine in a spot-lit gym.

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