It looks like Lionsgate and Sony just weren't willing to spend their cash on the slightly-tarnished Terninator franchise. The rights sold to Pacificor yesterday for $29.5 million according to Deadline Hollywood. Never heard of the illustrious movie studio Pacificor? That's because they don't make movies -- they're investment bankers. They're actually, in no small coincidence, the same bankers who hold all of the previous owner Halcyon's debt (a debt that caused Halcyon to go bankrupt, leading to the sale of the franchise rights in the first place).

This almost guarantees that Terminator will be sold again in the future. Unless Pacificor is getting out of the money business and into show business, they'll either license the hell out of the property or they'll start looking for their own bidders. It's an unexpected new development in the Terminator saga (but oddly typical -- Terminator rights have changed hands several times now), and it will be interesting to see what happens next.
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