As you may have realized by now, the main villain of The Green Lantern isn't going to be Sinestro, but will be Peter Sarsgaard's Dr. Hector Hammond. Sinestro will be there, lurking in the wings, but it's all about Hammond and his big, bad, psychic powers this time around. But like all bad boys, Hammond has turned to the dark side because of deep seated issues in his childhood. So, you need a father figure to menace our poor doctor, and THR's Heat Vision reports that Tim Robbins has volunteered for the job.

Robbins will play Senator Hammond, the disapproving father of Hector. Despite that Hector has become a brilliant pathologist, the Senator remains unimpressed. Presumably, the senator would rather his son follow him into politics, and reap the benefits of wealth, power, money, and women. When Hector stumbles upon a meteor that gives him overwhelming psychic powers, I'm guessing Daddy Dearest becomes enemy #1. The Senator's going to live to regret never playing catch with his son.

Sarsgaard and Robbins should play very well off each other. Both of them excel at playing despicable people. It might be more fun watching them go at each other than seeing the eventual showdown between Hal Jordan and Dr. Hammond. Therein lies the danger of a great cast filling out those supporting roles!

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