There is an actor I didn't mention in my For Love of Unknown Actors post last July, one who is criminally underused and under appreciated on the cinematic scene, and who has acted in over 60 films -- Elias Koteas. I've had him on the brain for days, ever since THR'sRisky Business Blog posted a piece called "Put Elias Koteas in your movie, now" on Friday.

These words sent me into a Koteas tailspin: "He's the kind of actor that lives so close to the skin of the character that he gives off those blurry heatwaves you see above a hot blacktop." This. I've been enamored with the actor since his second feature film in 1987, the John Hughes romance Some Kind of Wonderful. And while he's been in an impressive array of films since, usually finding more of the spotlight in Canadian features like Crash and Exotica, I doubt mainstream audiences know him as anything but that kinda-familiar bald guy, or Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I love all the fleeting, cinematic glimpses of Koteas, but my favorite always remains the first I ever saw: Duncan in Some Kind of Wonderful.
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