UPDATED: According to Coming Soon, Bob Iger was misquoted, and Cars 2 is still set to arrive in theaters on June 24th, 2011. Phew. The Pixar summer streak continues ...
please disregard the below post.

I don't know about you, but I've really come to look forward to that time in May or June when Pixar releases their annual animated tale. It's like regardless of what big franchises are launching, rebooting, remaking or sequalizing during those summer months, we know that no matter what Pixar will give us something to smile at; something that's sure to make us feel all warm and cuddly inside as if a tasty bowl of soup magically found its way into our stomachs while the movie was playing.

That may all change when it comes to the summer of 2011, though, as Walt Disney has announced a release date change for Cars 2, from June 24th, 2011 to December of 2011. The announcement came during the company's first quarter earnings call on Tuesday, and it's the third release date the film has been given so far (after originally posting a 2012 date, then moving to summer 2011). Moving Cars 2 leaves a hole in the June 24th slot, though studios will be careful with what they put there seeing as The Green Lantern is right before it (on June 17th) and Transformers 3 is right after (on June July 1st).

However, Disney was planning to release their fairytale The Bear and the Bow in December of 2011, so Cars 2 moving means Bear and the Bow will most likely shift too. Where will it shift? We don't know. Obviously there's a small outside chance it will take that June 24th spot, but rarely do animated films move up their release since folks behind the scenes need that time to finish piecing the film together. In all likliehood, that means we're not getting a Disney/Pixar animated film over the summer of 2011, and, yes, I'm a little sad inside right now. You?

[via Coming Soon]
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