For those dealing with the blizzard today, it might be more appropriate to pitch something inspired by the trendy topic of "Snowmaggedon," which would obviously be a mash-up of a particular disaster movie and Snow Day. But Snowmageddon (or Snowpocalypse) would really just be the same movie as The Day After Tomorrow. I'm far more interested in a true story recently spotlighted on Boing Boing that combines a different Michael Bay movie with a different kids movie starring a former SNL cast member. I'm calling it...

Hide and Go Sweep

A cross between Pearl Harborand The Master of Disguise (or anything else involving disguise), the World War II-set movie would detail the famous escape of the Dutch minesweeper HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, which survived the devastating Battle of the Java Sea by being mistaken for a small tropical island. The camouflage was intentional, of course, and consisted of a cover of tree branches that allowed the ship to (slowly) sail undetected by the Japanese naval and air commands.
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