The shorts and panels for SXSW Film Festival and Conference have been announced, and there's still more items of interest for sci-fi geeks with an interest in future trends.

While there are 80 panels to choose from, there are five panels of particular interest, including A Conversation with Kick-Ass cast and crew, as well as creator Mark Millar. Adria Richards of But You're a Girl blog discusses "How Sci-Fi Shaped the Internet." Two 3D related panels include the succinctly titled "3DIY" as well as "3D Stereoscopic Production Tools, Production and Post." And lastly, Lee Clancy of IMVU, Inc. discusses "Artists, Labels Embrace Virtual Worlds."

Now, it's harder to tell you precisely just how many sci fi shorts are among the 130 shorts that will play in shorts programs or with feature films, but two things stand out. "Mnemosyne Rising" by director Miguel Alvarez is clearly a sci-fi film as it's protagonist is a deep-space transmitter pilot plagued with unusual flashbacks when he learns he's being sent back to Earth.

And the "FutureStates" program is specifically about America of the future, and includes elements of speculative and science fiction. The shorts include things like global warming, housing and the housing market, a lost plastic bag, subsidized surrogacy, and border patrol.

SXSW Film Festival and Conference runs March 12-20 in Austin, TX. Sci Fi Squad will be there and will bring you all the sci fi news from the festival.
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