Stan Lee may be partly responsible for Marvel's most famous creations, but he hasn't been able to create the same kind of superhero magic since the late 60's when long-time collaborator Jack Kirby quit Marvel. With Kirby, Lee created the Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Thor, the X-Men, and many other icons. On his own, he's brought us She-Hulk (arguably his last important Marvel Universe creation), Ravage 2099, Mosiac, The Condor, Lightspeed, and Striperella. That's a pretty significant creative downturn.

Smilin' Stan is back with a new concept called "Super Seven", in which he stars as himself in the story of an aging comic book creator who talks seven stranded aliens into becoming an Earth-bound super-team. The comic book will be published by Archie Comics, with A Squared looking to develop the superheroes into a potential TV series.

Though the concept is interesting (if a bit cheesy), I don't expect Super Seven to be the next Spider-Man, just based on Stan Lee's track record for the past thirty years. I love the guy, but I wish he'd retire gracefully, instead of tarnishing his legacy with dozens of lame creations. Look for Stan Lee to continue to appear in every Marvel movie ever, at a theatre near you.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)
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