Robin Hardy's 1973 opus, The Wicker Man, is undeniably one of the greatest contributions to the horror genre. Now, Hardy wants to keep the fire burning for a new generation with his companion film, The Wicker Tree. After long delays and budget issues, the film started shooting last year near Edinburgh and wrapped just a few months ago. Hardy previewed a 10 minute rough-cut of the film at a screening of The Wicker Man in New York City in October. Reviews were mixed to negative about the film that isn't a sequel to the original, but a story that explores the same bizarre, occult world of an inclusive society.

Originally titled Cowboys for Christ (pulled from Hardy's novel of the same name), the story follows a young, Christian couple who leave Texas to preach the gospel door-to door in Scotland. After the local community shuns them, they are welcomed with open arms into Tressock, the border fiefdom of Sir Lachlan Morrison. The couple assumes their hosts want to join their mission, but the mysterious group has other plans. I have a strange hunch it involves a burning wicker tree.

Depending on how you feel about The Wicker Tree at this point, you may or may not be thrilled that Christopher Lee is reprising his role as Lord Summerisle. Will he still have that groovy coif? The dubious Sir Lachlan Morrison will be played by Graham McTavish, with Brittania Nichol, Henry Garrett, Honeysuckle Weeks and Jacqueline Leonard also starring.

The new one sheet for the film was previewed on the equally new website--trading a giant sunshine face for twining trees. There's still no word about an official release date but the site indicates that this is the year to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.
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