Joe Zito's The Prowlerhas long been one of my favorite underappreciated slasher films. It's hardly the best stalk-and-kill flick I've ever seen, but it does feature some really great kill scenes courtesy of Tom Savini--including another shotgun blast to the head gag a la Maniac and a classic knife through the skull sequence that is one of my favorites of all time.

Blue Underground announced (thanks to the mighty Dread Central for posting the news) yesterday that they're bringing The Prowler to DVD. You may be thinking "hey, didn't they do this a few years ago?" They did, indeed, but this new release is an uncut version of Joe Zito's film. According to the guys at Blue Underground, we can expect this new release of the cult classic by Halloween. Blu-ray details haven't been announced yet, plans are in the works for a high def version. Hurray for Savini gore in high definition!

The Prowler is, narratively speaking, quite typical of slasher films from that era. A murder happens in 1945 and the killer is never caught. Now, thirty years later, the murders have started again. It's a film that certainly draws some inspiration from the Italian gialli, but like most of the early American slashers, it tweaks the formula a bit and mutates into something that's uniquely its own. I definitely recommend it to slasher fans and those who love Savini's effects work. Plus, The Prowler helped pave the way for Savini and Zito to team up again a few years later in a little film called Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

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