For those of you Team Jacob freaks who growled in werewolf solidarity last year when Tonner released Twilight action figures for Victoria, James, Bella, and Edward, the wait is almost over. There are only a few months left until tiny plastic Jacob Black hits the shelves, so save up your pennies because you're gonna have to pay a lot for it.

MTV reports that Tonner will release a limited edition Jacob Black doll that's 17 inches tall, and made out of hard plastic and vinyl. Although this is post-transformation Jacob, with this shorn hair and Quileute tattoo, Tonner must not have wanted to send fans into a lust-filled frenzy again at the sight of Jacob's heat-releasing pecs and cut-off shorts. (No, the doll doesn't give off heat, although it's only a matter of time before we get Jacob hot water bottles for those achey days.) The company has put him in a shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Heck, maybe even garments as well.

Since only 3000 will be made, the price tag for this little guy is $149.99, and considering the number of Team Jacob peeps out there, there won't be enough dolls for everyone. This nifty newsletter will let you know when you can order one. Meanwhile, Eclipse opens on June 30, and in a rather sneaky double-triple-quadruple-dipping move, you can check out seven minutes of footage from the film on WalMart's Ultimate New Moon DVDs and Blu-rays out March 20.
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