Remember that upcoming vampire comedy from Amy Heckerling called Vamps, which started cooking back in November? The one that will focus on two sassy, young girl vamps living it up in New York until love threatens their cushy lifestyle and immortality? The one that Heckerling was trying to rope Michelle Pfeiffer into? Well, now it's not just Krysten Ritter's big-screen starring breakout, but also a pretty big Clueless reunion. Screen Daily reports that Alicia Silverstone will star opposite Ritter in the film, bringing her back to the Heckerling fold 15 years after she gained fame as the perfectly-dressed, makeover-loving, road menace Cher in Clueless.

Now Vamps has double as much to prove. Silverstone hasn't had a notable gig since Blast From the Past in 1999, randomly popping up in short-lived television stints and flicks like Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. Meanwhile, Heckerling's two post-Clueless films didn't come close to the same cult fame (Loser and I Could Never Be Your Woman). From the depths of Fast Times and Clueless fandom, I so want this to work. But the rose-colored glasses of fan love can only take me so far. Do we need another airheaded girl comedy? Perhaps it won't be, but between the character histories of both stars, Heckerling's own work, and the plot of two vampires jeopardizing their immortality for love, the chance of goofy floof is high.

What do you think? Will this be the next Heckerling classic, or another flop on the forgotten pile?
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