What's in a name, anyway? Can you really ever know what you're getting yourself into when you flip the tube to Syfy for Mansquito, Frankenfish, or Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? Oh, you can? Well congratulations, you are literate. So try this on for size: Sharktopus.

Yes, Sharktopus. Those mad geniuses at Syfy have stopped talking the talk and decided to walk the walk by manning up for the unprecedented fusion of terror that is a shark and an octopus all mushed up together into a cartilaginous abomination that swims against all that is good and pure in the world. Details are sparse at this point, but Roger Corman is definitely producing the killing machine for an unknown director and unknown cast of tasty morsels for the mighty Sharktopus to feed on.

The Director of Original Movies for Syfy, Karen O'Hara, had this to say on Twitter, "Just got off the phone with the legendary Roger Corman who's doing a new movie for us this year. Yes, it's the long-rumored SHARKTOPUS! Spent half am hour discussing what a sharktopus should look like, how many mouths it should have and how it should kill. That's my job!"

Sadly, that last comment is the sole thing that has me worried about the production at this point. Half an hour? Really? We all know He requires only two and a half mouths*, why even bother talking about it at all?

*The half is so he can laugh the Sharktopus laugh whilst He devours you.
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