Kayla Kromer
is back, ladies and gentlemen, moving her custom geek interior design projects out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. I saw this amazing potty as a work-in-progress, where I cracked the joke that she was creating ED-Poo-09. You're probably laughing just as hard as she did at the time, which is not at all. ED-Number 2-09? Nothing? Okay, then.

I didn't know she was finished with it until I saw it pop up in Harry Knowles' (from AICN) twitter feed, and it is truly incredible. This is my favorite Kromer project by far, because it took such a keen eye and burst of imagination to re-imagine the standard household commode as the deadly Robocop villain.

What's next for Ms. Kromer? I don't know, but I may have to get to work on my own Brundlefly teleportation pod shower stall, before she beats me to it.
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