As you're probably already tired of hearing, directors Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron used to be married! To each other! and now they're competing for the Best Director Academy Award while their movies, The Hurt Locker and Avatar, fight for Best Picture. (The other eight Best Picture nominees are just lucky to have been nominated.) (Especially District 9.) Unfortunately, Kate and Jim, who split up in 1991, are reportedly on really good terms and don't hate each other, which kind of ruins the narrative. But still!

To capitalize on this battle of the exes, the IFC Center in New York will host the "Bigelow vs. Cameron" series, playing films by each of them at midnight Fridays and Saturdays from Feb. 26 to April 17. They'll alternate weekends, starting with Bigelow's Point Break, followed by Cameron's The Abyss. Bigelow's other films in the series are Blue Steel, Strange Days, and Near Dark, and Cameron's are True Lies, Aliens, and The Terminator.

What's especially noteworthy here is that all 10 of these films are excellent "midnight movie" selections. I mean, if the head-to-head directors were Terrence Malick and James Ivory, you'd probably go with a different schedule. ("Don't miss the MIDNIGHT MADNESS of Howards End!!") But these Bigelow and Cameron titles aren't just rowdy, raucous, late-night movies -- most of them are actually pretty good, too, a reminder that films can be smart and popular. (You'll notice they didn't scheduleK-19: The Widowmakeror Piranha II.)

Good luck to both directors, and may the best divorced person win!