Since it's almost Valentine's Day, I guess this is as good a time as any to profess my newfound love for IFC. The company is continually wooing me with news of one cool release after another, and today's no exception since they've just announced that they've acquired the distribution rights for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam.

Screen Daily got the scoop on the company's plans for the title, which is being billed as "The Apprentice goes to Hell". IFC hasn't set a firm release date for Exam, but the article indicates that it will come out later this year through the distributor's Festival Direct Video-On-Demand channel.

If this is your first time hearing about Exam, then allow me to regale you with some plot synopsis...

Eight job candidates have reached the final interview for a position with a powerful corporation. They're shut in a room with an armed guard and given 80 minutes to answer a single question--only when they turn over the paper, there's nothing on it. The rules are simple: don't spoil their papers, don't talk to the guard, and don't leave the room. Confused, the applicants begin to work together and uncover clues as to what they're supposed to do. Soon enough, the candidates start to turn against one another. How far will they go to pass this exam and land the job?

Jump past the break for a look at the trailer. We'll bring you official details on Exam's release date as soon as they become available.
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