There seems to be no prerequisite for the 3D horror movie market lately. If it exists, it's being made into a 3D movie. Yes, the U.S. horror market wants to bring you the best and worst in all its eye-popping glory. Now Italy is tapping into the 3D craze and director Marcello Avallone (Specters, Last Cut) is crawling out of the woodwork after ten years to bring you a 3D version of The Turn of the Screw.

The Vito Matassino produced, English-language adaptation of the Henry James ghost novella will be Italy's first new generation 3D feature film. James' story revolves around a young woman who becomes a governess to two small orphaned children for their always absent uncle. She lives with the children at a country estate and begins to see strange figures around the grounds, whose eerie identity is eventually revealed.

There have been countless film and operatic adaptations of James' story, which uses the supernatural more like a psychological extension of fear or disquieting manifestation rather than a clean-cut ghost story. The 3D format seems unlikely for a story with such Gothic overtones, but perhaps the technology will be used to bring the haunting atmosphere to life rather than as a vehicle for ghostly figures.

Dread Central played detective today and found this promo trailer for the film which you can see after the jump. Who will put more Goth in Gothic horror--the Hammer produced The Woman in Black or the Italo horror version of The Turn of the Screw?
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