We already knew that Summit Entertainment wanted to take advantage of their little star quarterback by splitting the final Twilight film into two parts, a la Harry Potter, but we also knew there were some things to be worked out and some negotiations to be made since none of the principal players (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner) were originally contracted for more than four films. And while there's no word on how much Summit had to shovel out in order to sign all three for that second movie, Deadline Hollywood tells us that the deals are done and everyone is moving forward with plans to shoot back-to-back films beginning in October.

DH says Summit is looking at "high-end" directors to take on the final installment, which in all likelihood means that neither Chris Weitz (New Moon) or David Slade (Eclipse) will be returning to the franchise. So, they'll have to find someone who's not only down with being tortured by Twi-hards for the next several months, but also someone who has enough room (and mental stamina) to shoot back-to-back movies. I recommend Uwe Boll, but something tells me they want someone with a little more ... class? However, that someone will be tasked with adapting a monster of a final book, and one that veers off in directions that may not be so appropriate for the younger viewers. That director -- as well as Summit -- will also have to keep in mind that the final film will need to come out PG-13, so look for a few changes to take place during the adaptation.

For more on adapting Breaking Dawn and the potential for CG characters, check out Monika's post from last month. You down with two films? Who would you fans like to see direct the final Twilight movies?
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