It was only a matter of time before the world of online movie journalism began bleeding over to the big screen. All of a sudden Hollywood has taken an interest in what has slowly become a thriving industry as more and more well-known print writers transition to the online world, while existing online writers fight to position themselves so that this new wave of journalism carries them forward instead of drowning them in a sea of the better, the faster and the more well liked. And while these forces attempt to co-exist in a world that's already overcrowded, some are branching out to take on the jobs they've been writing about for years.

While the movie website IESB continues to function just as it has for a long time now, its founder, Robert Sanchez, has decided to use all the knowledge and contacts he's acquired over the years in order to start producing his own movies. And though he's already hard at work on the Lakeshore comic adaptation of I, Frankenstein, his latest big-screen effort, titled Journies, is about to introduce the average moviegoer to a world a lot of us are all too familiar with. With Jaime King (Sin City, My Bloody Valentine 3D, The Spirit), already attached to star, Journies will follow an online movie journalist whose one-on-one interview with a star actress (played by King) turns into a full-on date that may or may not lead to an eventual romance.

If it sounds a little like the 2007 indie film Interview (which itself was an American remake of the 2003 Dutch film of the same name), then that's because the two share a very similar storyline. However, Sanchez promises this film will dig a little deeper, telling The Hollywood Reporter that it's "'Notting Hill' with a touch of 'Entourage' for the younger, hipper, Comic-Con crowd."
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