Ryan McDermott has been generating a nice little buzz about his award winning horror comedy short, Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders. The British producer, writer, editor and lead actor of the 33 minute film helped bring home the award for 'Most Original Horror Film' award at the Horror UK Film Festival last year and 'Special Commendation in Indie Filmmaking' at the 20th Festival of Fantastic Films. "We previously won a BBC new filmmaker award before this film. Winning that encouraged us to make the short," McDermott revealed during our interview.

Macready's story goes a little something like this: the detective wakes from a coma after being attacked by an unseen enemy only to discover that his wife Christina is missing and a monster known as 'The Archangel' has been slaughtering everything in sight. He makes the connection between his wife's disappearance and the monster, which sends him on a search through the supernatural underbelly of Manchester, battling ghouls and demons at every turn. Can he bring Archangel to justice?

McDermott plays the lead character of Detective Mark Macready and has been hailed as a "British Hellboy". It seems that director Sean Candon and company may have been influenced by other occult heroes while creating Mcready, such as John Constantine, perhaps a little bit of Cal McDonald or even the B.P.R.D. My immediate impression was a Garth Marenghi and Clive Owen hybrid, but enough with the comparisons already. If the film finds the right following, McDermott told me the team will be turning Mark Macready into a full length feature. "We really tried to change up the short film scene. It's all rape, guns and drugs here in UK."

The film's official website will go live in a few weeks, where you'll be able to watch it in its entirety. McDermott will be previewing the short on Twitter if it garners enough attention, and you can visit the Facebook fan page for other updates. For now, hit the jump to watch the trailer for
Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders and let me know what you think.
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