Here's an idea for a remake that'd be a great Valentine's Day release some year in the future. And though it was likely a success back in 1940, it's not so well known today that a redo would upset many people. In fact, there are probably some fans of the film, like myself, who would welcome an updated version so long as it's not anywhere as bad as, say, Mr. Deeds. Featuring a great premise and room for lots of broad comedy, I recommend Hollywood to remake...

I Love You Again

The original film, directed by W.S. Van Dyke, reunites his Thin Man stars William Powell and Myrna Loy for their ninth (of 14) pairing together. Powell plays a con man who, at the start, awakens from a nine-year bout of amnesia. He finds that in all that time he's become another person, grown rich, been married and has been known as something of a frugal weenie who doesn't drink or take risks, romantically or otherwise. Now he's back to conceiving scams, spending like he has it and indulging in alcohol, all changes that his wife (Loy) takes note of. And suddenly she's not sure she wants that divorce she's been planning.
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