Mission: Impossible 4
is a go. Tom Cruise is back on board as IMF agent Ethan Hunt with MI3 director JJ Abrams returning on as a producer. Considering MI3 is arguably the best of the spy-loving, plot-twisting series, that leaves a big pair of shoes vacant. So who should fill 'em?

As with my Five Folks Who Could Direct 'The Avengers' Instead of Jon Favreau list, the goal here is practicality. Sure, it'd be nice to see Martin Campbell bring some Casino Royale fun to the Impossible Missions Force and it'd even be interesting to have Brian de Palma return to calm the franchise with a little less action and a bit more intrigue, but let's face it; even with the talent involved, how many A-list directors will be clamoring to helm the third sequel to a film franchise that started in the '90s based on a TV show from the '60s?

However, unlike my Avengers list, I'm going to change things up by picking candidates based on the hypothetical tone Cruise, Abrams and Paramount may be shooting for MI4.
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