Typecasting is a funny thing. Someone is so good at a specific role that filmmakers forget that there's an actor behind the performance, and just think of them as The Bad Guy or The Sidekick. In the case of Brent Spiner, it's The Android.

Seems Eugene Roddenberry has named Spiner as his first choice to play Questor in The Questor Tapes -- an abandoned 1974 Gene Roddenberry sci-fi pilot about an android looking to fill in the gaps in his memory, concerning his creation and purpose. A lot of Questor's central conceit was used for storylines involving Data on the elder Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Next Generation, so it would surprise me a great deal if Spiner was interested at all in going back to that well. Even Eugene Roddenberry sounds realistic about the pick, recognizing that the folks casting the show probably have other plans. Maybe they can find room for Spiner in a different part? I hope so.

The Questor Tapes is being developed by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment with help from Tim Minear (Firefly). I'm not sure why anyone would entertain the idea of putting the sci-fi show on Fox, but that's where it seems to be headed, eventually. Doesn't that virtually guarantee a premature cancelation?

You can watch the first 9-minutes of the original pilot after the jump.

(via Airlock Alpha)
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