Since running to the gym, gaining a bajillion pounds of muscle mass, and exclaiming to the world: "I'm not too little and ineffectual to be wolfy Jacob Black, darnitall!" -- Taylor Lautner is circling or signing on to every action flick that floats by. In the last two and half months, he's got Max Steel, a trip to Cancun, pilot action with Top Gun Tom Cruise, and for reasons I can't begin to fathom -- Stretch Armstrong.

And now there's another to add to the pile. Deadline Hollywood reports that Hollywood studios are fighting over a new drama that's already got Lautner attached as the star. Talk about a sweet 18th birthday present. The name of this game is Abduction, and the young actor will play "a teen who has long felt disconnected from his parents, and figures out why. That unleashed a chain of violent events and enters Bourne territory." It took Matt Damon 16 years to get to Bourne, after working up through drama, comedy, and some action. For Lautner? One co-starring turn in a super-popular teen flick.

I will admit, he's got promise, but he's also got many years of evolution and growing as an actor before I'll buy him as so good he should score 5 large-scale lead roles in 3 months. Pace yourself, Taylor.
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